3 Essentials In Maintaining Your Sandstone Pavers


Do you want to maintain your sandstone pavers to last for years? Yes, you can maintain and rejuvenate your sandstone pavers to last for many years. There are many ways you can achieve this especially if the pavers are made of sandstone. You can put these pavers in many places around your home. Let us look at some of the ways you can maintain these pavers in your home like clearing, weeding, and washing the sandstone pavers, cleaning the surface with cobble clean, and coating the surface with a sealant.

  • Clearing, weeding, and washing the sandstone pavers

This is the first job to do when you want to maintain your pavers. You must ensure to clear the pavers of weeds, rubbish, stains, and other materials that will interfere with your maintenance project. The weeds could be removed using simple farm implements like the hoes, cutlasses, or even the knives. You must ensure the cracks are cleared of every grass growing within.  After clearing and weeding, the next step is to sweep the pavers or patio with a long broom in order to remove the particles and debris of weeds attached to the ground.  Now, you can use the pressure washer or a garden hose to flush down the rubbles and remains of the weeds; and get set for the next stage of the project.

  • Cleaning the surface with prep and cobble clean

After washing the surface of the pavers, the next thing is to clean the surface with prep and other detergents to enhance the removal of stains and spots. Over the years, there would have been discolorations which ordinary water may not remove; you need to apply cleaners and surface prep to maintain the original outlook of the pavers. Moreover, there is a better and more effective biodegradable cleaner called cobble clean, which removes spots and stains faster with the activation of cobble oxhide, a cleansing reagent in the substance.


  • Coating the surface with a sealant

Do you want your patio or pavers to maintain their glossy and shiny luster for years? If you want your sandstone pavers to maintain their glossy and glistening appearance for a long time, you need to apply a sealant to coat the surface from hazardous stains. These stains and spots could ruin the beauty and gloss of your patio forever. Therefore, you need to protect and maintain your sandstone pavers with sealants like cobble coat H2O.


Details from surfacelogix.net