Cool Arts and Crafts Ideas Using Glass Mosaic Tiles


Are you creative and artistic? You can actually add color, design, and improve the appearance of your items and other equipment, even your garden items with mosaic decorations. These decorations could be done using pieces of glass or even tiles of different colors. You can decorate and design your jewelry box, old cups, chairs, tables, guitars, picture frames, and other items to make them look new and unique.

Your house can actually look beautiful and decent if you could apply some of the ideas you will learn from here. This is regarded as one of the do it yourself projects whereby you can improve the outlook of old items by wrapping them or designing the surfaces of such things with pieces of broken glasses. It is also a way of reusing and recycling your broken glasses instead of dumping them in the trash.

  • House number


Do you know you can recreate and redesign your house number with pieces of broken glasses and mosaic tiles especially, colored ones. This will add some artistic effect and design to your creativity. In order to achieve a better effect, you can use an antique platter at the base of your design and add pieces of glass as shapes to the numbers. After this, fill the corners with pieces of mosaic tiles.


  • Mosaic flower potimage004

You can make this project by using old flower vases, pieces of glasses, and tile adhesives. Add pieces of colored and broken glasses or mosaic tiles to your clay (terracotta) flowerpots and glue them to the vase with an adhesive. Try to form a nice pattern on the vase with the pieces of glasses or tiles to make them attractive and fanciful. Then, check out your design, awesome!


  • Mosaic tile tableimage006

Add design and beauty to your old table by changing the surface with mosaic tiles and glasses. Simply get an old table and scrape off dirt from the surface, then apply tile adhesives. Carefully use pieces of those glasses and mosaic tiles to create a beautiful pattern on the table. Then, you have a new and beautiful table.


  • Mosaic bird house


It is time to change that your old birdhouse into a new, artistic, and attractive bird house where your birds will be glad to live. This is a simple project for you to do. Get pieces of mosaic tiles or glasses and tile adhesive. Clean the surface of the structure and apply the adhesive, then gradually place those pieces of tiles or glasses on the structure.  You are done with a new birdhouse.


In this way, you have reused and recycled broken glasses.


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